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2300 N. Barrington Rd., Suite 400
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169-2036

847-490-5360 dir. phone, 847-490-5362 fax
847-303-0737 alt. phone

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Litigation Trends
"Courts across the nation are cutting back on the types of cases that can be heard by juries.  In addition, some notable jury verdicts have been overturned or reversed."

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Read our Intellectual property law articles, information, and more.

What's In A Name?
"When Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting parted ways, Andersen Consulting had to come up with a new name.  They ended up soliciting ideas from their employees, who submitted almost 2,700 suggestions, including the one they settled on."


Competitive Advantages

There are a number of reasons to choose Wilson & Associates as the law firm for you or your referrals. Here are just a few:

1. Our legal credentials are solid. Both Jeff and Maureen have worked at large downtown firms for a number of years. Jeff is a 1987 graduate of Northwestern University School of Law; Maureen is a 1991graduate of Loyola University School of Law.

2. We understand business. Both Jeff and Maureen have undergraduate degrees in business administration - Jeff from the University of Illinois and Maureen from Loyola University. Maureen also has an MBA from Loyola. Both have represented a large number of businesses, from small firms to large multinational corporations. Additionally, Maureen has worked in a large telecommunications company and a small benefits consulting firm.

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3. We return phone calls. Since Jeff started this firm in 1995, we have made a policy of returning client phone calls within 3 business hours. If we’re out of the office for a half-day or more, the firm’s voicemail will generally note when we’ll return and whether we’ll be able to pick up messages in the meantime.

4. We believe that clients should be able to speak with an attorney, not receptionists, secretaries, and paralegals. When you call Jeff, you get Jeff on the line, not a paralegal or a receptionist. In true emergencies, a receptionist is available.

5. We have a convenient suburban location.
Our office is located near the intersection of the Northwest Tollway (I-90) and Route 53 (I-355).

6. Our rates are reasonable. We use flat fee rates on many of our services. Additionally, our hourly rates are significantly lower than most downtown firms and many suburban attorneys. We don’t charge for a reasonable amount of travel time to points within the northwest suburbs or to and from the Loop. We charge only half the regular hourly rate for travel to places other than within the Northwest suburbs or to and from the Loop.

7. We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming. Unlike many law firms, we don’t assess a per-page charge on faxes. We simply pass along any long-distance charges and taxes accrued. We don’t make a profit center out of other out-of-pocket costs like many firms do.

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